Male Waxing

Full Body Wax£1303 to 4 hours
Back£2020 mins
Back & Shoulders£2825 mins
Chest£1520 mins
Abs£1215 mins
Chest & Abs£2030 mins
Back, Shoulders, Chest & Abs£4045 mins
Full legs£4040 mins
Half legs£2525 mins
Full arms£1530 mins
Under arms £1010 mins

Male Intimate Waxing

'Bro'-zilian (Butt, Crack, Scrotum, Penis, Speedo line)£4045 mins
Hollywood ('Bro'-zilian wax including pubic hair)£4550 mins
Butt & Crack£2520 mins
Butt Cheeks£1215 mins
Butt Crack£1515 mins
Scrotum & Crack£3030 mins
Full Body Wax£1303 to 4 hours


Chillout/Relaxation Massage£2530 mins
Chillout/Relaxation Massage£4060 mins
Chillout/Relaxation Massage£5090 mins
Deep Tissue Massage£2530 mins
Deep Tissue Massage£4060 mins
Deep Tissue Massage£5090 mins
Sports Massage £2530 mins
Sports Massage£4060 mins